Sunday, March 7, 2010

Challenge is Over, but the Work Continues

Well, I don't have pics of the EPOC Challenge finale, and honestly, the one I saw of me was pretty awful, so not real sure I'd share with the world anyway. What were the result of 8 weeks of Magic Laser Focus Intensity (thanks Jeremy Thiel)included a loss of body fat, loss of inches, loss of weight, gaining of strength and confidence. Totally rocked the assessment workout, 11' 04" 8 weeks ago, 9' 30" this time. Totally stoked about that. You can see the workout we did done at an elite level on Jeremy's blog at the link from his name.

The biggest change though was mental. I've totally changed how I think about workouts, food, everything. Changing my diet has been so incredibly beneficial. No more chronic heartburn, solid energy throughout the day, no more ups and downs, no more random hunger or cravings. And, I'm eating great food, no deprivation, its not hard to eat well, it just takes changing your attitude about food. Workouts are now just something I do, its not a chore, its not an 'ugh, I've gotta get this done' its just what I do now.

Thanks to Zach and my Crossfit Challenge teammates. Zach didn't let me slack, gave great advice, and really spent the time to make us successful. That's where Crossfit coaches excel, they are sincerely invested in our success, its not just one more person coming through the door. They want us to challenge ourselves and be great, not just show up for an hour and pay the bill. Everyone on the team was great, I've made some good friends from this and expect that friendship to continue.

I took this weekend to celebrate, enjoyed some decidedly non-Paleo foods (yay BEER!!) but will be back on it tomorrow. Workouts and eating right will continue, I've got a ways to go to meet my overall fitness goals, but the last 8 weeks have moved me a long way in the right direction and given me the tools to succeed!

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