Friday, June 4, 2010

Observations on a Birthday

I turn 37 today, not an exciting birthday by any stretch, but I think they're all downhill after 21 anyway. June is a big month, its my birthday, Father's Day, I got married and divorced in June. I also started my job at LCRA on June 1st. I've been there 11 years, nearly 1/3 of my life and virtually my entire professional career.

I've realized that I need to make a decision about what I do with the rest of my life. Crossfit has introduced me to a range of people who are totally passionate about what they do and have found a way to make their passion their job. I'm completely in awe of people who can do that, people with the courage to turn away from what's easy and comfortable and make a dream their reality.

One thing I'm really excited about is the TNT Hike trip, serving as coach. I'm totally stoked about the opportunity to plan a trip, the events and activities leading up to the trip, and work with the participants to prepare them for it. There is definitely something here, my challenge is to take this kernel and turn it into something bigger. The good news, I've met people who have taken a kernel of an idea and turned it into a business. I need to reach out to these people, learn from them, and create my own future.

So, over the next year, I need to figure out what my passion is and how I can make it reality. It may be staying at LCRA, but if so, I need to regain the passion I once had for what I do. If its something else, I need to figure out what that is and how to make money doing it. I think there's potential with this adventure travel thing, but I need to spend some time and energy to learn about it and what opportunities it represents.


  1. Watch Ninja Warrior, build a training course in Central Texas, charge crazy amounts of money to wannabe weekend warriors, and live comfortably.

    (Market it to G4TV and any sort of extreme sport corporation as a team building retreat.)

  2. I'm going to take The Landmark Forum weekend class and from what I can helps you figure out what is BS and what you honestly want out of life. LOTS of people say good and bad about the forum but hell, it can't hurt to do some "Human Brainstorming 101".

    It was great to see you yesterday and the new casa is very nice!