Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Update

Alright, I need to either keep this blog regularly or dump it. Gonna try the quick hit method...

Totally slept through my alarm this morning, missed the lunge circus at Crossfit, totally peeved about it. Now I get to do it in the heat of the afternoon (as soon as I'm done here actually). Oh well, it happens, as long as I'm getting the workout in right?

On another workout note, going to be at Deep Eddy for laps around 11:30 the rest of this week, open invitation to all. Come on down for a midday cool off and swimathon.

Finally, in the great news column, the Hays County Commissioners Court adopted the Strategic Plan we've been working on for a little over a year now. Yeah, nothing should take that long, but sometimes that's how it goes. Its done, they're happy and I can do other things.

Life is still a whirlwind, got a lot happening, all of it good, which is nice. As I mentioned before its funny how quickly life changes. I'll try and keep this up to date a little better...


  1. We need to go meet up with robbie for a CF workout some weekend!

  2. Heck yeah! He said he's right at 400 meters from the pool, so we could have some fun with weights, runs, and swims!!