Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Crazy Busy!!

Well, things haven't slowed down a bit! I kind of miss the slow life I had just a few months ago, but not too much. I like having a lot on my plate, its forcing me to learn organization, focus on detail, all those things I'm not too good at. Never a bad thing to push yourself in new directions and challenge your comfort zone.

I've been trying to get my swimming in, preparing for the triathlon. Its nice working so close to Deep Eddy, I can get there, get my swim in, and be back in the office in an hour so I go on my lunch break. The fact that its not super chlorinated, and the fact that I have a buzz cut, means I can get away with just drying off and going back to the office. It can be tough to go back to work after the break, but what are you gonna do?

Looking forward to a great hike tomorrow with the TNT group at Pedernales Falls State Park. Should be fun!

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