Saturday, February 6, 2010

Virgin Blogger

I guess I should look at blogging sort of like an extended Facebook post. I've sort of used Facebook as a 'mini-blog' posting funny things that pop into my head and things that make me say 'Hmmmm' I guess the blog is just another opportunity to expand on that and share more of me with the world.

Most of this blog will probably relate to workouts, eating, and those sorts of things mostly because that's what I'm focused on right now. Don't know how much I'll share about the kids, probably some of the funnier things they say and do, which are frequent. Probably have to throw in some random thoughts, politics, whatever strikes my fancy on any given day. I guess that's the beauty of the blog is that its completely narcissistic and allows me to do what I want. You as the reader can visit and enjoy or not.

I've learned with Facebook sometimes things I think are freakin' hilarious get nowhere, while a totally random post can generate a great conversation. We'll see where this blog goes.


  1. Ha! I popped your blog cherry:)

    Happy Sweating!


  2. Didn't even know you had a blog until just now. Aweseom.

    I've been blogging (obsessively) for about 6 years now...the day I get as serious about my nutrition and CrossFit as I am about blogging is the day I become a CrossFit rock star (someday?).